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We try to offer a broad range of rods, reels & tackle and concentrate on brands that we trust.

We believe Rovex and Jarvis Walker offer excellent quality at excellent prices. The brands originate from Australia where they have proved equal to the huge challenges of their fishing environment. We keep a good range of their rods and reels proving that no style of fishing needs to cost the earth.
Our range of lures are those found to be effective in this area and are competitively priced (often cheaper than many on ebay without delivery costs).
We keep a good stock of frozen bait and try to keep a consistent stock of live rag.
Rod hire is also available.
We can offer a postal service and arrange for payment through PayPal. Please contact us and we'll see what we can do.
 Please get in touch if you have any queries.

JUNE 2016
A new season and a few changes.
We've moved into new premises so we're no longer off the beaten track in a farmyard - we're on the beaten track just before the farmyard turning. It'll take some time to get properly organised but we're open as usual. Please note that our mobile numbers are unlikely to work in the new shop BUT we have a landline there - 01326290465
New products include Rovex lures to challenge the established 25/23 gm. Fiiish Black Minnow & Savage Gear Sandeels. They look good and the 'price is right'. We still have lots of offers and quite a few quality reels at clearance prices.

Our major suppliers Masterline, the Rovex people, have announced they’re bringing out around 300 new products for 2016. We’re a small shop with limited space 
SO - we’re clearing out lots of stock at unrepeatable prices. 
Firstly our ‘Toff’ Specials are simply a ‘Tenner Off’ many LRF and Spinning rods and reels. 
The ‘3 Tenners’ make a special appearance on the price of Plugger rods -£30 off list price. 
Boat fishermen are not left out with the top of the range 30 & 50lb Magnite Pro boat rods - ‘5 Tenners Off’ making them ½ price at only £50 or £100 when partnered with a Tideline TL30 reel ready loaded with braid! 
At £50 a 10’Aurora beach rod and Airstrike 6000 will set you up for beach casting.
Can Lure enthusiasts clear our stock of Delande Swat Shad and Shadka lures with £1.50 off or a kit of Swat Shad heads/hooks & tails at only £8 or maybe Sidewinder Weedless Minnows with an extra pack of tails for only £10.

(On odd occasions there may not be anyone at the shop but all you have to do is phone Chris on 07794666781 and he'll be there in minutes. If you have no mobile signal the ladies at the Cowshed Shop can help.)

Simply get in touch with us at info@laststoptackle.net if there's anything we might be able to help with.

(We always round up list prices by 1p 'cos we hate 49 & 99p prices)

Whilst we have tried to be accurate with the information on this site human error is very possible
Last Stop Tackle Shop, Haelarcher Farm Courtyard, Lizard Head Lane, The Lizard, Cornwall. TR12 7PF.